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Select the .

Activate the option for the respective component.

Activate the Level as required.

Activate the configure vpn netscaler option for the respective component.

Type the intranet portal URL in the Ifhomepage parameter is set to "nohomepage.html", homepage will not be displayed. When the plug-in starts, a browser instance starts and gets killed automatically.

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While set to “off”, all traffic is going through the tunnel including Standard Web traffic to websites. If the goal is to monitor and control this web traffic then we should forward these requests to an external Proxy using NetScaler. User devices can connect through a proxy server for access to internal networks as well. NetScaler Gateway supports the HTTP, SSL, FTP, and SOCKS protocols. To enable proxy support for user connections, you must specify these settings on NetScaler Gateway. You can specify the IP address and port used by the proxy server on NetScaler Gateway. The proxy server is used as a forward proxy for all further connections to the internal network.

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You configure most user device connections by using a profile that is part of a session policy. You can also define user device connection settings by using per-authentication, traffic, and authorization policies. They can also be configured using intranet applications.


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For example, you have an authorization policy that allows access to a network resource. You have split tunneling set to ON and you do not configure intranet applications to send network traffic through NetScaler Gateway. When NetScaler Gateway has this type of configuration, access to the resource is allowed, but users cannot access the resource.

NetScaler Gateway also supports reverse split tunneling, which defines the network traffic that NetScaler Gateway does not intercept. If you set split tunneling to reverse, intranet applications define the network traffic that NetScaler Gateway does not intercept. When you enable reverse split tunneling, all network traffic directed to internal IP addresses bypasses the VPN tunnel, while other traffic goes through NetScaler Gateway. Reverse split tunneling can be used to log all non-local LAN traffic. For example, if users have a home wireless network and are logged on with the NetScaler Gateway Plug-in, NetScaler Gateway does not intercept network traffic destined to a printer or another device within the wireless network.

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