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If you go the the Amazon Prime Video page, at – and that means you’ll get a site you can’t use to watch with your Prime membership when you’re outside of the US.

Amazon Instant Video, on the other hand, is a something that comes as part of a Prime membership, but can also be purchased separately. So if you’re not interested in discounts on shipping but you do want to use the video streaming platform, you can get yourself an Amazon Instant Video subscription without having to have an Amazon Prime subscription. With Instant Video, instead of a subscription you pay a fee to watch the particular episodes or movies that you are interested on. Both services can be used on a variety of devices like watching through a browser on your computer, watching through the app for iOS or Kindle devices, watching on a Blu-ray player or set-top box like , some Smart TVs, and games consoles like the PlayStation and Xbox. A key difference, however, is in the library of titles available to watch for free: Amazon Instant Video gives you access to thousands of movies and TV shows, but Prime members only get access to a limited subset of these videos. Prime members have to pay extra to watch content that isn’t included in their membership fee.

You might also have heard of Amazon Instant Video when talking about Amazon’s video streaming service. Confusing as it is, Amazon Prime and Amazon Instant Video are not actually the same product, although both are services which offer video streaming of movies and TV shows from Amazon. Amazon Prime is a service that you get access to when you purchase an Amazon Prime subscription, which also includes free two-day shipping in the US and other benefits. The idea is that Amazon Prime is a service for people who use Amazon a lot and want to get the most out of the site.

One important difference between the Prime and Instant Video services is nordvpn servers for amazon prime regional availability. Amazon Prime is only available to US residents, and isn’t available in Alaska, Hawaii, or the rest of the world. Instant Video, on the other hand, is available from anywhere in the world although the catalogue of content may vary depending on your location.

Amazon Prime is a very useful service which gives you access to lots of Amazon Instant Video content as well as other benefits like free shipping from Amazon. Many people in the US have Amazon Prime and use it for watching videos, however, if you are a Prime user who is travelling outside of the US then you’ll find that your Prime subscription doesn’t work in other countries.

To find out more about accessing region blocked sites like Amazon Prime, check out .One more thing you should know: the software is available for iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac OS.

For a VPN that has it all, including . It offers excellent security in the form of strong 256-bit encryption and a no logging policy, and it has an absolutely massive server network. Covering more than 1000 servers in 145 different locations in 94 countries, including many in the US, you’ll have no problem finding a server to let you watch Amazon Prime.

As an additional advantage, encrypting your data preserves your privacy by not revealing your IP address, so your internet activities cannot be tracked to you. The encryption also means that outsiders cannot hack or trace your internet activity, so no one else can see what sites you visit, intercept your communications, or eavesdrop on your conversations.

The advantage of this is that because the data rejoins the other internet traffic at the server location, instead of the location where you actually are, it is assigned an IP address from the country of the server, not the country you are in. If you’re in and you use your VPN to connect to a server in the US, it will appear to any websites as if your traffic is coming from the US. This means that sites like Amazon Prime will work as if you were in the US, even when you are actually located abroad. Wherever you are located, you simply open up your VPN software and connect to a server in the US, then you’ll be able to use Amazon Prime or any other region locked service as if you were at home.

I think it depends on the device you're using. I use IPvanish I can get Prime Video, AirTV, Netflix everything else through on my FireTV, but I can't watch Prime Video or AirTV on my Nvidia Shield. Not sure why I get more content through the FireTV over the Shield. I turn off the VPN on the Shield I get everything again. Crazy I've tried several different VPNs the same thing from all of them. FireTV gets everything Shield gets everything, but Prime Video AirTV. Doesn't matter what VPN service I use. I think it's something either in the device or the OS being used.

When you want a VPN that is super easy to use and requires no technical expertise at all, but still has . The service offers good security with 256-bit encryption and a no logging policy, plus extra security features like an automatically enabled kill switch. The software is incredibly easy to ise, with a graphical interface which lets you choose from options like browsing anonymously, torrenting anonymously, or unblocking websites. To use Amazon Prime, you just need to click on Unblock Websites and you’ll be able to select a server in the US from their big range of more than 1300 servers in 59 countries including the US.

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