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Michael Regan

Every time we get a comment like this I log into ExpressVPN, check a few servers and find that there’s always one or two that work. Keep looking, is all I can say. A server that worked fine yesterday won’t work tomorrow, a server that doesn’t work today will be okay next week. Don’t quite give up on your $100 investment yet. Good luck!

Thankfully, several of the best ranked providers among our ) closing out the top three.

Really depends on the VPN service… If you go for any of our best VPN for Netflix picks you should be fine.

I’m in the US, just trying to watch my normal US content without my landlord spying on me, which I caught the company doing just last month. So I’m not about to turn off my VPN just to access Netflix. This is stupid. I’m just going to cancel my Netflix account.

Hi AJ, I’m pretty sure you’re the victim of some kind of scam: I just messed around and visited several countries’ Netflix using ExpressVPN and no emails yet. Maybe switch servers or check if you’re on a spam list?

I live in Vanuatu where we don’t have a decent tv station. I very much doubt there is any distributor that has locked in any program rights here. That being said Netflix should be able to stream its whole content here without a problem but we get very limited selections. I use Vypr VPN to access overseas selections but still get proxy issues. I think it is a case of Vanuatu being such a small market that Netflix couldn’t be bothered to give us decent look.

ExpressVPN does how to make netflix work on vpn NOT work. I’m living in Japan and want to watch Japanese anime and movies. The problem is without a VPN, English subtitles aren’t available. I tried using ExpressVPN to appear in the US so I can have English subtitles but it doesn’t work. 100 bucks down the toilet.

Yeah, that sounds weird. Oddly enough, I had something similar happen a few weeks ago with another server. What I think is happening is that you’re going through a virtual server, so the IP is in Australia but the server is in the States. Somehow Netflix picks up on that. It’s the only thing I can think of, but I’d be ,more than happy to have someone else chime in here because this stuff gets tricky.

I have been using NordVPN to access Netflix for over a year. Suddenly (July 1?), even though I have a French IP address, i can only get the US version. I’ve tried at least a dozen servers, but no joy. Does anyone know what happened? French Netflix is awesome.

Unfortunately, I don’t think this is true. I’m in Canada and I tried accessing Netflix while connected to a VPN server still in Montreal. Ideally, there should have been no problem…I’m a Canadian subscriber VPNing through a Canadian server to access Canadian content. I was still blocked.

Note that this has nothing to do with the country you created your account in, that only affects how much you pay each month (Asian subscribers generally pay a little less than American ones, while Europeans generally pay a buck or so more). The IP address you’re accessing the site from determines whether or not you’re watching, say, Scandal or not.

Agree that you should just use the chat support for Express VPN and they’ll tell you exactly which server to use (I even told them what show I was trying to watch because it doesn’t stream on Netflix in the US or UK).

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