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You can create a "new identity" for your Tor Browser. When you do so, Tor Browser will randomly select a new set of Tor relays, which will make you appear to be coming from a different IP address when you visit websites.To do this, follow the steps below:

is an up-to-date, privacy-optimised version of Mozilla Firefox. It is free and open source software that enables online anonymity and censorship circumvention. Unlike other browsers, Tor Browser:

Tor Browser will clear your browsing history and cookies and then restart. Once the it has restarted, you can confirm that you appear to be coming from a new IP address as described in the previous section.

Proxy settings mac tor

. The following window should appear while Tor Browser is being installed:

to know what websites you're visiting, or if you don't want those websites to know your location on the Internet.

You can learn more about bridges on the .

After you initially configure and launch Tor Browser it will continue to connect to the Tor network with no additional configuration. But you can change these settings at any time from within the Tor Browser. You may need to change them when you are travelling, or if the situation changes in your country. To do so, see .

The .

Tor Browser comes with the add-on pre-installed. NoScript can additionally protect you from malicious websites and from leaking your real identity through the execution of scripts in your Tor Browser. However, NoScript is disabled by default in Tor Browser so this additional protection is not readily available.

If you want to check your apparent IP address using a service that is not associated with the Tor Project, there are many options online. Examples that support encryption (which makes it more difficult for someone other than the service provider to "fake" the result) include:


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