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Michael Regan

Netgear vpn client to box

Originally from Gothenburg, Sweden currently living in San Francisco, USA 15 years of professional experience in the IT business. Everything from support, network, hardware to development, devops and management. Please check my LinkedIn for more info...

This note will going to demonstrate how to establish an IPsec VPN between a Netgear router and a Vigor Router. In this example, the Netgear router will be the initiator (VPN Client), and Vigor Router will act as a VPN server.

I tried following some tutorials here and there and nothing worked. Great great help indeed!

I think this may be something on the Netgear side that is preventing traffic to pass through but for the life of me I cannot figure out what it is. Any suggestions as to what I can try or adjust would be greatly appreciated.

Just wanted to write to say thanks for taking the time to document this. Worked perfectly and your instructions allowed me to get it working in about 5 minutes. Compare that to the several hours of research trying to find the Netgear VPN client, only to find out it isn’t compatible with Windows 7. Many thanks!

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I am able to establish the tunnel but am unable to ping or map a drive while connected. I currently have everything set up exactly as listed above, other than the phase 2 tweeks Keith recommended because if I leave these set to “auto” I get security failures on the shrew client. Other than that I have tried every configuration I can think of on both the shrew side as well as the Netgear side.

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What I found was when I configured my Windows to not autoconfigure as you suggest, and use the existing network connection with manually configured DNS setting it all just works. Not as flexible if our internal config ever changes but not the end of the world. I can always send out the users a new exported config to use.

Our network does not have a DNS. I enabled echo request for all profiles (Private and Domain) and still can’t ping anything. I also selected the option on the Netgear security tab to respond to Ping on internet ports, still no luck.

You must not have more than one IPSec VPN client installed on your computer. If you have previously installed another VPN client (such as SafeNet, Checkpoint, Cisco, etc.) you must uninstall it, and reboot your computer before installing the NETGEAR VPN Client.

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