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Michael Regan

I was wondering, im attempting to config a VPN tunnel between my EdgeRouter Pro via the web interface which i have done my research and it seems like i have te config and ip's pointed to the try place. And i have created a tunnel on my snapgear which is in IKE Aggresive mode, with pre shared key and all the rest but the tunnel says down on the EdgeRouter and the its stuck negotiating phase 1 on the SnapGear.

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Ikev2 vpn server edgerouter

These commands forced all DNS traffic to the opendns servers, and if someone configured their client to usedifferent resolvers, he'd be silently redirected to the OpenDNS servers, as opposed to just dropping the packets.

Also at my tech blog:

I actually got this working for Windows, as well, about a week ago, but it requires editing configuation files directly. These changes don't survive an ERL reboot. I'm working on modifyingthe TriJetScud/vyos-agile-vpn repo on GitHub to support theproperconfig. Once that's done, I'll post a guide.

, it warns me that igmp-proxy is not currently running, and I'm good for another week. I haven't seen any messages in the log so I don't know what is happening (is there a way to turn on more verbose logging for igmp-proxy?)

1) I wanted to connect the two devices using the SFP ports. When I plug the SFP in, the ports show a gigabit connection, but I don't get any connectivity. Anyone have any ideas? I'm using a SFP plug that was tested for Cisco.

Fyi - some windows clients need the ikeIntermediate flag added as well.

I'd like to set up my EdgeRouter's firewall to block all incoming connections except on the ports that I have forwarded. I find the firewall settings very confusing. I'm used to ufw on Linux, which seems pretty easy to me. I haven't changed any firewall settings, so what I have is this:

When I run a port scan from outside my network, I see some open ports that I don't want to be open. I never told my router to forward those ports, so I don't know why they're open. I want those to be inaccessible from the Internet.

I have two ISP, HSDPA+ 3/6 mbps ( only disadvantage is that satelite link has huge latency.

I've been lurking for a long time and at the recommendation of a co-worker, I purchased an ERL. Its on version 1.9.0. I currently have it set it WAN+2LAN2 mode, Port 1 is WAN, Port 2 is primary LAN and Port 3 is secondary LAN that goes to my ESXi server in a test bed environment. I also subscribe to a VPN service and I was wondering, is it possible to have port 3 (secondary LAN) always connected to this VPN service. That way I can just change the vNICs in ESXi to have a VM hop on the VPN service.

Simply add this to your DHCP configuration and substitute YOUR_DHCP_NAME_HERE, your subnet ( and the IP address ( or name with your provisioning server below. To change to ftp or http, simply change the URL prefix.

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