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There are some ways around this. Certain applications in the Play Store claim to help users bypass the carrier restrictions, and use their data however they intend. In our test case, we're evaluating applications while using a Unlimited plan without official tethering.

There are features in Android that let carriers check if a user has paid for tethering or mobile hotspot — different carriers use those terms interchangeably — and disable the feature if the user doesn't have the feature on their plan.


I also tried other applications from the Play Store that may or may not work. Some users on other carriers and with other phones have had success, but I did not. All of these applications have free tiers though, so they're worth a shot:

Free 4g hotspot internet

The most enticing deals here are obviously on the Pixel 3 and 3 XL, dropping them down to be a bit more competitive with the likes of Samsung, which has been running of the latest smart home tech is also great, particularly the Home Hub that's freshly on the market. The discounts are applied automatically when you put the items in your cart, and run through either December 22 or 24, depending on the product.

I was hesitant to try MetroPCS in my rural hometown, but I found out that T-Mobile has expanded their coverage there as well. It's not good by any definition of the word, but I can make phone calls, get text and instant messages and stream music (but not video). That's much more than I could say the last time I tried to use T-Mobile's service in my hometown. MetroPCS has an unlimited plan with tethering for the same price as my current Cricket plan, and I will be moving my personal line over soon.

Another solution would be using a different phone. I spent the better part of 2017 using the . One of the most handy features (for me) of Oxygen OS is that it doesn't have the hooks the carriers use to check if a user has paid for the tethering feature. Because of this, tethering just works whenever the user turns it on, regardless of whether the user has paid for tethering or not.

It seems like a bit of a cop out, but the best option may be a different plan or carrier. Writing this guide made me finally try after using Cricket for about two years, and I'm glad I tried them. T-Mobile — which owns MetroPCS — has much better coverage in Indianapolis, with my phone working perfectly in areas that were previous dead spots.

The drivers and tablet application can be downloaded to the phone application and moved over via USB cord. Unfortunately, the tablet-side application does not allow data to be shared with a , and ChromeOS does not allow for drivers to be installed by the user. Because of this, EasyTether will not work for Chromebook users.

Google's also giving $100 discounts across the board on smart home bundles with . If you buy a Home Hub along with any Nest product — like the Outdoor Cam, Thermostat or Hello doorbell — you'll receive $100 off the set.

Covering makes EasyTether simple to recommend, but there are some situations where it wouldn't be sufficient. Besides not being available to ChromeOS users, EasyTether also wouldn't work for users who want to connect a game console to their mobile data, or for anyone who needs to connect more than one device at once.

To see your plan details and SMHS bucket, log in to the and click ACCOUNT. Your plan is displayed at the top of the page with line details below. You can see your Usage and SMHS bucket by clicking Plans and Usage Details Usage.

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In these cases, the only working solution we found was to . Within Magisk Manager, navigate to the package installer and scroll down to the package titled "Tethering Enabler." Press the down arrow within that block to download the package, and it will install. Once this is done, reboot your device, and you'll be able to use the hotspot feature as normal.

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